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Dance Student Association

Dance Student Association  

The Dance Student Association (DSA) is the student-run social organization within the Dance Program at the University of Houston. The main goals of DSA are to raise the visibility of dance on the UH campus through a variety of activities and to raise funds for special activities in the Program. DSA sponsors dance workshops and master classes for its members. Other events are initiated by the student membership. All dance students are encouraged to join. DSA members are responsible for choreographing and performing the “Emerging Choreographers Showcase” and "UH Goes to the MATCH." Students are welcome to join DSA any time throughout the year. We hope to welcome you to DSA as a member! 

DSA Officers


Zuri Humphrey is currently in her sophomore year and the tallest in the program. She has UH Dance Ensemble experience and is active throughout the program! If you ever need advice, a laugh, or an answer to your questions, Zuri is the girl to see.


Destiny Miller is a junior who has recently returned from the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater Intensive in NY, made possible by not only talent but also fundraising! If anyone can stretch a dollar it's her! She has UH Dance Ensemble experince and is open to any questions.



Niala Agudalo is a senior who specializes in commercial work having performed in shows whose headliners include 2Chainz, Youthsoullve, and many others. She also teaches at many studios in the Houston area. If you need anyone to capture your special moments don't be scared to reach out.  


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