Production Info

Senior Projects Showcase

Thursday November 19

Dress Rehearsal 1-5:30pm

Production Asst:  Olivia 2:30-5:30

Everyone needs to come in 1-5:30pm unless you have a class.  Please let me know if you are not available during certain times and I will set a schedule to run the pieces. Everyone will get 30 minutes to run their piece

1:30-2pm Kat available after 1pm

2-2:30 Lauren (Veronica available 1-4)

2:30-3pm Mariah needs to leave by 4pm

3-3:30 Crissy Mariah leave by 4pm

3:30-4pm Arcelia wants 3:30-4pm

4-4:30 Olivia not available until 2:30pm

4:30-5pm Daniela – Arcelia (Daniela after 1pm)

5-5:30 Silver


Friday November 20 and Saturday November 21 (rain date) - Film Days

Production Asst:  Olivia 9am-12:30; Paula 10-2pm; Arin 12:30-4:30pm 

Olivia 9am-12:30 confirmed / Mia

Lauren 930am-1pm (Lauren not available) Eve

Daniela 10:30am-2pm / DeMaris not available

Mariah 11am-2:30pm confirmed / Monica

Arcelia 11:30am-3pm / Savannah

Silver 12pm-3:30pm / Brittany

Crissy 1pm-4:30pm / Daniela R

Kat  1:30-5pm Jonnathan


"OnStage Blog" selected the UH Dance Program as one of the top 30 schools nationally for dance in 2019, based on its unique networking with professionals and in-the-field training for a professional career in dance: The Top 30 College Dance Programs for 2019-2020” 

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© Photos by Lynn Lane and Pin Lim