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Safari! is a 45-minute program that teaches science through dance! The performance takes students on a journey to the African Savanna Grasslands to study the animal kingdom.  The delightful program based on K-5th TEKS includes animal characteristics, classifications, adaptations, and a food chain. Colorful choreography and costumes create the characters of a laughing hyena, protesting baby elephants (against poachers), a dangerous cobra, a playful hedgehog, a pride of lions, and an ostrich dance-off!  Audience participation allows for all students to learn kinesthetically. Selected students participate in creating a herd of zebras, and dancing the ‘9-Step intimidation sequence’ of the mountain gorillas. Narrator, Safari Mike, entertains and informs as he introduces each animal. The performance makes learning about the African Savanna exciting and memorable.


Safari! is directed by Becky Valls, Associate Professor of Dance at the University of Houston School, and is conceived, choreographed, and performed by UH students pursuing a major or minor in dance. The science / dance program gives dance students the experience of performing for children in a school setting and an introduction to the role of the Teaching Artist in the schools. Safari! is booked into elementary schools by Young Audiences of Houston and Young Audiences of Southeast Texas in Beaumont, Texas. The show targets audiences in grades PK-5th. Proceeds from the performances goes to the UH Dance Program to fund master classes and summer dance workshops for students.

To book Safari! contact Young Audience of Houston at 713-520-9264 or visit their web site:



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